the randomizer and me

most all of these writings will be done on my trusty imac, with itunes playing via airtunes in random mode: aka the randomizer. now, the randomizer is quite remarkable for its ability to play tunes relevant to whatever i’m doing at the time. for instance, while i was wading through that first-ever post a few minutes ago, the randomizer saw fit to play the fantastic storm large tune “8 miles wide”.


not that you’ve ever heard of storm large. and it’s not like i listen to this tune all the time. in fact, this is only the second time i’ve ever heard it (ah, the beauty of itunes and its record keeping!). but there it is, part of the south by southwest collection from 2012 (the sxsw torrents are a great way to get a bunch of good free indie music, btw).


so what’s this all have to do with anything? well now, storm was one of the lead actresses in the latest james westby movie, “rid of me”. westby is a director of quirky (to say the least) movies, including “film geek” and the hilarious “the auteur”.  the main character from “film geek” is obsessed with movies and is the author of a web site called (that nobody ever visits). when i couldn’t get my old domain back – squatters have it now and want almost $3k for it, hah! – i couldn’t come up with a name more fitting than stealing the domain for my own. alas, even though it’s not active somebody still owns it and i opted for a variant of my old site name.


somehow the randomizer knows what’s going on and adjusts the soundtrack of my life accordingly. why doesn’t apple advertise this feature?

4 thoughts on “the randomizer and me”

  1. what further music/movie/whatever coincidences will you encounter on your blogging travels?

    the storm one was truly esoteric. think you’ll match it without performing a rose mary woods entanglement?

    i’m going to vote ‘yes,’ because life she is strange that way.

  2. there’s more coincidences to relate, to date all of the pre-blogging variety – stay tuned. but the randomizer works in mysterious ways, so new material is inevitable. there’s enough stuff in there that there’s bound to be an appropriate entry for every possible situation.

  3. Oh, great! So, now we’ve established that my reality is really just your dream tableau, where everything that happens is a manifestation of your subconscious mind and all its random (Randomizer indeed!) interconnections. I think I’ll just take the red pill stick with this crazy, wild world. I don’t want to live in a tin can spaceship fighting big, metallic octopus aliens. I prefer to laze around watching movies and listening to good tunes.

    So…think you could dream me up some Key lime pie? …that sounds pretty yummy right about now. 😛

    1. now that you put it that way….are you sure that’s air that you’re breathing? really? perhaps key lime pie really tastes like chicken (or the delightful tasty wheat) and vice versa.

      in my reality, movies and good tunes abound. you’re invited to share them!

      btw – it’s taking the red pill that gets you tangling with the metallic octopi instead of blissfully noshing on imaginary steak!

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