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n-a-t-s nats nats nats woo!

well, it’s that time of year – baseball playoff time!

yesterday i watched the orioles crush the tigers (thanks, sis!), and today it begins for the nationals.

you’d think that the nats are about as hot as a team can get heading into the playoffs, having won their last four games with their four playoff starters giving up a total of six hits and ending the season on a no-hitter (was that catch by souza to end the game outrageous or what? a pre-rookie landing a spot on the all-time nationals best plays highlight reel!). heat doesn’t matter anymore though, it’s a whole new season. the pirates were almost as hot as the nats and the giants spanked them mercilessly. here’s hoping that was the giants’ moment in the sun and not just the first step in their “we win the series in even years” program. in a week we’ll know which one it was, but for now…guess i’ll be glued to my radio and the trusty iphone to keep track.

good times!

my prediction? nationals…world series or bust! (love ya, davey j!)


song of the post (i haven’t heard eric’s latest yet, but the first couple records are great and he’s equally fun live!):